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Pedigree Felines.

At Barradene we have been breeding for more than 25 years. Breeding focuses on the elements of feline temperament and type. We follow strict breed standards, and strive to breed to a world class standard of pedigree cats.

Our aim is to breed cats suitable firstly as domestic pets, and secondly as proud exhibition winners.

As such our pedigrees are proudly supported by cats from some of the world's best breeders, and we are eternally thankful for their breeding skills, and allowing in many cases, their lifetimes work to be shared for the betterment of their chosen breed.

In following this practice Barradene conforms to the breeding practices of its governing body, and follows the required breeding practices of the state of Victoria, Australia.

We invite you to browse our web page, and if you like what you see, we invite you to contact us through our contacts page or phone call, and who knows you too may one day own a Barradene kitty of your very own.

Whilst our focus is primarily the Siamese, Oriental and Foreign White cats, we also breed in a very small way British and Burmese.

I am Matt Branagh, if you see me around I'm always happy to chat cats.


Around the Barradene Cattery

Our cats enjoy both an inside and outside lifestyle. We have included and encourage the use of tunnelling, this ensures the comfort and experiences every cat should enjoy throughout its life. All our cats have access to conditioned air in hot summer and heating of their beds in cold winters. Health goes with temperament and achieving both is paramount.


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